Paints and products I use



There are many choices when it comes to face painting

supplies. I strictly use FDA/EU compliant face and body

paints. They are made specifically for use on the skin and

are made from approved cosmetic ingredients. We love

our furry companions, and thankfully my paints are also not tested on animals.


I take my clients health and safety very seriously, and I work hard to invest in and provide the newest and best products available to professional face painters. I test all of my new paints on my skin to be extra sure that there is no adverse reactions, and if you are unsure or have a history of very sensitive skin or other skin conditions its best to aviod face painting as a precaution.


I am always happy to supply information regarding which brands I am currently using during your painting, just ask!

Some of my favorite brands are Mehron Paradise, Kryolan, Wolfe, Fab, Silly Farm Supplies custom cakes, Global, Diamond FX and more!

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